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Room66 by Yoan Tanuij & Magic Dream

What if a simple key tag became the ultimate Peek tool? A secret weapon you'll always have on you? A tool so harmless and universal that no one will suspect it is your best routine?

Flame Take by Lukas Hilken & Mysteries

In partnership with Lukas Hilken, Mysteries is proud to present Flame Take! With this series of gimmicks you will be able to show your empty hand, grab fire and turn flame into different objects!Imagine being able to hold the fire at your fingertips and immediately transform that fire into an object!

Matches Impossible by Tony Clark

Brand New Effect by Tony Clark. Make an entire box of wooden matches go right through the palm of your hand! Easy to make and to do! A perfect street magic or strolling effect that resets in seconds and can be repeated over and over...Enjoy!

Topit A Go-Go by Thom Peterson

Topit-A-Go-Go is the easy, any-time topit that moves with you. Now there's no more tucking or tugging. Once installed, all you have to do is put on your coat, and the topit is immediately engaged and ready to go.

MagSwitch by Patrick Kun & Quiver

As a magician, we want to be able to perform spontaneously, anywhere, anytime; that is the reason we created the MagSwitch, a secret switching wallet hides in plain sight as an everyday MagSafe wallet.

Fireballs by Gary Jones

One of the most talked about effects from the best-selling 'Automata' DVD was Gary Jones' 'Fireballs'. This effect has it all: Strong magic, humour, audience participation, a killer surprise ending and FIRE! The utlimate 'packs small, plays big' walk-around/table hopping effect!

PSI Mind Deck by Vernet Magic

The best forcing symbol deck Includes video download with history and step by step explanations This deck allows you to force a symbol in the cleanest way possible: the deck is shuffled by the spectator;

Keynote by Seth Race

From the creative mind of Seth Race, creator of such effects as W.M.D, Bankript, and Coinnect comes a new object through bill concept that goes to a whole new level!