Category Band

ZERO BAND 1-2 by Johnny Kang

Invisible Elastic Band (I.E.B.) is easy-to-carry and used to perform many magical effects such as levitations and PK effects. However, ZERO BAND goes beyond any previous I.E.B. effects and generates more possibilities! Eight effects are created after the collision

Back to Hand by Bacon Fire

"This effect fooled me so badly! And the method too, Bacon is on fire!" - Dr. Cyril Thomas A visual rubber band opening you've like you have never seen!

Asteroidea by Shirvester

A massive compilation of mind-boggling rubber band effects that has been praised by the world's best rubber band magicians. "The most visual rubber band effect I have seen. You've created a bomb. This rubber band project is ultra visual and easy to learn, I love it!" Dr. Cyril Thomas

Lucky Star by Hanson Chien

"Lucky Star is one of my favorite rubber band routines, it shows the different faces of magic." - Hanson Chien BASIC EFFECT First you show a normal rubber band, then you instantly create a star shape rubber band with one hand.

Inverted band by Bacon Fire

Did you watch the tenet movie? Time Inversion make a lot of people surprise. Now you can do “reverse effect”on real live. Super visual No gimmicks