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The Giant Sidewalk Shuffle by Wolfgang Riebe

Originated by Ken Brook and enhanced by Wolfgang Riebe! An incredible, giant 4-card routine that TOTALLY bamboozles your audience. Three blank cards and an Ace are shown, and the audience is instructed to follow the Ace. They always get it wrong! An unexpected surprise finish occurs when there is only one blank card and THREE ACES!

The Opener by Adrian Vega

"Thank you Adrian for creating this professional piece of magic and share it with our community. I used in my recent show called 'Flipar' and it was a great success" - Jorge Blass

The (W)hole Thing by Daryl

The (W)hole Thing is Daryl at his BEST! The (W)hole Thing is the PERFECT effect to perform anytime in your show or as a stand-alone piece. The clever scripting makes this hilarious whole, hole routine make sense. No extra

Colorful Magic on Stage by David Ginn

Colorful Magic on Stage! As I considered a final reprint of my first book, Colorful Magic, I realized that much of that material has never seen the light of video. I spent an hour going through the pages and decided this was my one chance to make that happen.

PredictOSong by Sachin.K.M

A random Spectator puts on a headphone and plays his favourite song on youtube. The Mentalist not only gets it right but also pulls a prediction with the name of the random spectator and the song he would play from inside his shoes.

Readings & Intuition Workshop by Anthem Flint

Enjoy this replay of our Readings and Intuition workshop! Over three hours of Grade- A information on this enigmatic topic! It includes our Visualizations and Affirmations for intuition which have been getting amazing feedback from the attendees!