Category Stage

PredictOSong by Sachin.K.M

A random Spectator puts on a headphone and plays his favourite song on youtube. The Mentalist not only gets it right but also pulls a prediction with the name of the random spectator and the song he would play from inside his shoes.

Readings & Intuition Workshop by Anthem Flint

Enjoy this replay of our Readings and Intuition workshop! Over three hours of Grade- A information on this enigmatic topic! It includes our Visualizations and Affirmations for intuition which have been getting amazing feedback from the attendees!

The Wormhole by Pipo Villanueva

This routine is the closer of my formal close-up and parlor magic show. It is one of the strongest pieces of magic I ever came up with. It is a very magical, memorable, and practical routine.

Endless by Iñaki Zabaletta & Vernet Magic

Want to make a splash? Command attention before you even start performing your first card trick? Well "Endless" helps you do just that. It offers a visual and thrilling way to introduce a deck of cards, while also providing a great callback kicker that can tie together longer routines.

Barnløs by Rune Klan

Celebrate the greatest magic show you may have never even heard of. In his native land of Denmark, Rune Klan is a mega-star. He can't walk down the street without being stopped for autographs or photos. Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have also said on numerous occasions that Rune Klan is quite possibly one of the best magicians alive.

Magic Wine Wand by Tora Magic

Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company The fairy made the spring wine with her magical wand of fairy dust. An incredible fusion of real life with a hint of magic.