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Magic Bullet by Carl Irwin

The spread cull is one of the most versatile and "burnable" card moves in magic. It can be used to control or force multiple cards in a routine. In this download, we will learn the handling behind the spread cull and how to make it

Transaction by Paul Fowler

TRANSACTION by PAUL FOWLERDESIGNED AND DEVELOPED by INFINITI Hand your spectator FIVE supermarket receipts. Let them check they are ALL completely different and ask them to focus on ONE item from one of the receipts. In what feels like real…

Twins by John Morton

A simple which hand routine that can be performed anywhere. Also includes John's impromptu versions of Which hand, Saucy Kurotsuke & the Guilty secret society. ?Totally sold out at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2022

Out Of This Zip Code by Erik Tait

The Full and Complete Work On Erik Tait’s Go-To Effect There’s no question that Out Of This World is one of the strongest effects anyone can do with a borrowed deck of cards. While the deck is face down an audience member points to the backs of the cards which ones they think are red,