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Like by Gustavo Raley

"LIKE" by Gustavo Raley, IDEAL FOR VIRTUAL SHOWS. Gustavo Raley returns with a new routine interacting with emoticons. The magician shows a screen of a chat but analog since it is a blackboard.

The Truth by Daniel Prado

Daniel Prado is a lifelong student of the art of magic. Anyone familiar with his other effects like the “Peregrine Pass” or “The Cloak” will have already experienced the unrivaled level of thought Daniel puts into every aspect of his routines.

Polite by Raphael Macho

POLITE is a nail polish transformation concept. You can make it change, jump, appear, vanish and reveal ANY kind of nail polish in a split second - and the best part? You end clean, they can examine your hand as long as they want.

M and Magic by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents an original and novel routine for your children's shows. The magician shows a board with an M&M chocolates motif and gives it to the child assistant to draw a picture of one of the M&M cartoons and place their signature on the drawing.

Printing Machine by Rodrigo Romano

Would you like to print bills like a machine? From the creator of "The Mystery of the ten Coins" (TOP 1, downloads of 2021), comes now PRINTING MACHINE. In a clean and amazing way, you will be able to transform a 20 dollar bill into a 100 dollar bill.

LUX by Lloyd Barnes

The ultimate EDC weapon. A brilliantly dynamic James Bond-level utility. “LUX” by Lloyd Barnes has arrived and you’ll never leave home without it again.

Abandon by Dr. Cyril Thomas

"When I saw ABANDON, I was amazed. I was amazed by a trick that I inspired, and I have no idea how it's done." - Hanson Chien "This project will take rubber band magic to the next level" - Bacon Fire

Henry Evans – Oil and Water With Boxes

The effect starts when the magician shows six boxes, three standard red boxes and three standard blue ones, these ones get intercalated one by one per color, getting magically separated by colors with just a simple movement.

The Vault – Rope with Hole 2.0 by Dingding

An impossible penetration effect! Show a playing card with three holes punched through it. You tie a string through the hole on the end. It instantly jumps to the hole on the opposite end. Just when the audience thinks they have it figured out and that you just turned the card over.

Chop by Craig Petty

Holy cow.. I just got a my dvd of CHOP.. wow.. what a routine.. so well thought out.. a tour de force if there ever was one....Huzzah Mr Petty.. This is a gem." - Doc Eason