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Static Fingers by Ebbytones

*WARNING* gimmick construction includes the use of a sharp object and is not recommended for those without experience with sharp tools and for customers that will not use proper safety equipment.

Feel Better by Chris Philpott

"Feel Better" by Chris Philpott is a strong piece of magic and mentalism with an emotional hook that ensures every audience will never forget your performance. It magically spins a negative into a positive, leaving every audience with a memory they'll cherish forever.

Deception by Ilya Melyukhin

A deck of cards fades away until only the selected card remains. A new gimmick inspired by Paul Harris's original vanishing deck illusion. Super visual! Easy to use as well as to create!

The Peak by Mr. Blonde

The Peak is an industry first. The start of a new, modern and exciting generation of solid state, custom designed and intricately manufactured devices. This new and innovative composition allows you instant and direct access to a written or drawn thought whenever you desire. Finished in both metal and carbon fiber,

Six Card Repeat(The Greater Magic Series)

This is the 12th volume in the Greater Magic Video Library Teach-In series on an age old effect, still used by professionals today. Four luminaries perform and teach their methods of this effect, which plays well on stage, parlor, and even close up scenarios. Learn the different methods, using pure sleight and the gimmick versions as well.

Greater Magic Volume 14 – Johnny Paul

"I hope you enjoy doing these effects as much as I've enjoyed doing them during my magic life." - Johnny Paul Here's a man who has known the secret of magic for some time. It's entertainment. And for him, mixing amusement with magic comes naturally.

The Expert at the Card Table Looking for Erdnase

S.W. Erdnase is the pseudonym of the man thought to be the most notorious card shark of the 19th century. His book “The Expert at the Card Table” is now considered the card conjurer’s bible, making it compulsory reading for any magician.

Slick by Alan Rorrison and Mark Mason

We are super excited to bring you a revolutionary way to peek, ANY WORD, NUMBER, SYMBOL, etc. NO HOLES, NO ELECTRONICS, NO PRIVACY GLASS, NO QUESTIONS, NO MIRRORS. NO LIGHT, NOTHING. (Well there is something, but you will NEVER GUESS)