Category Coin

COINtencion by Alex Soza

A new retention vanish technique! From the mind of Alex Soza comes a series of routines that utilize this new retention technique. Learn from a coin master and download it today!

Neuma Coin by Stiven Rueda

The magician shows that he has a glass with a mysterious object, when taking the mysterious object he must clean it so that it is visible to all the public, revealing that it is a coin.

Kings Secret by Mark Bennett and Matthew Wright

Do you want to become a part of the most exclusive magic club in the world? Well now's your chance! The King's Secret is not only an incredibly powerful piece of hard hitting, easy to do, close up coin magic that guarantees jaw-dropping reactions,

Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo

Sneak a coin into their hand as though it were a phantasm. Pass the same coin through the table as though it were a specter. This gimmick will give you the power to vanish a coin as simply as letting it fall into another dimension. This is Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo.