Concerning the Palming A Lecture by John Galsworthy

Filmed on a middle of the market webcam in front of a house-bound audience, this lecture video captures a lengthy discussion on all things concerning the palming of cards.

With a brazen disregard for film quality or production values, the lecture offers a deep dive into the author’s previously published works on the subject, in addition to explanations of new, hitherto unseen ideas. Thoughts are shared, questions are answered, and the microphone is knocked over only twice.

Highly regarded by people a few who care as an authoritative figure on the secret extraction, procurement and concealment of playing cards, this video download provides a unique insight into card palming.

Complementing the author’s sold-out book, ‘Concerning the Palming of Cards’, the video download also includes a PDF of a small set of supplementary notes.

Runtime: 2.5hrs (raw, unedited footage).

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