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Safe Bet by Pablo Amira

Safe Bet is not only a "named card in wallet" that you WILL use, but is a mini course in communicational skills for mystery performers. Imagine using a simple procedure, in which your participant will feel that his choices were 100% free, still you are able to predict his final decision.

Bank Night on Voice Call by Unknown Mentalist

Another interesting approach to the classic effect. This is a completely different method and principle to Propless Bank Night. No props needed. No equivoque. No anagrams. No Math. Totally free choices. Everything happens in the participant’s mind who is on the…

Secrets by Scott Creasey

Description Secrets is not a book of brand-new methods, props or gadgets, because they are not the real secrets. It is intended to be more of a guide book, littered with observations, the primary focus being the psychology, theory and real-world application of mentalism as psychic entertainment,

Three Propless Presentations by Joe Diamond

In this ebook, you get THREE scripts that have been honed over years in every professional situation imaginable. They all been easily adapted to Virtual Shows, and they each involve the ENTIRE audience. As Bob Cassidy would say, these are MAJOR effects! At just $10 per script, this is an invaluable investment!

Simpatico by Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood’s simpatico is one of the cleverest, most devious (not to mention hilarious!) routines we’ve ever seen. Brian, who’s successfully used and audience-tested this routine for years, has graciously decided to unleash simpatico on the magic fraternity.