Category Mentalism

Perplexions by Adam Dadswell

Adam Dadswell mixes simple sleight of hand with mentalism to create a unique blend of easy-to-do, hard-hitting mental magic. Learn card tricks with a mental flavour that will leave your spectators stunned!

Accumulator Deck by David Penn

Five years ago Wayne fox and David Penn created The 52-1Deck. Not only used by leading magicians, all around the world, it even made its way into the repertoires of top television magicians including DYNAMO.

Nick at Night by Patrick Redford

Patrick Redford presents Craig Logan's Nick at Night Nick at Night combines Bank Night and Russian roulette to make everyone win. Is it the perfect opener or the perfect closer? You decide.

MindVention 2023 Day 1-3

19th Annual MINDvention Virtual Convention For almost twenty years, MINDvention has taken place once a year, bringing together mentalism pros, students, and fans from around the world. As we did last year, we are conducting MINDvention as a virtual convention called MINDvention X. The X in the title stands for extra,