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Quantum Deck by Craig Petty

Quantum Deck by Craig Petty "I have not any idea. Not a ******* clue, dude. That's really, really good... I'm completely floored.." - Adam Wilber "No clue." - John Bannon

Elyousikkkk (L.U.C.K.) by Mark Calabres

Elyousikkkk (L.U.C.K.) by Mark Calabres They say, "When you're hot, you're hot." From the creative arsenal of international pro consultant, Marc Calabrese, comes a trick that proves you're always hot. They chose 4 random cards, openly and fairly. Those card turn out to be the 4 kings. Every time. Nothing quite compares with thefeeling of randomly selecting four kings in a deck, proving that you're on fire!

Change Pad by Phuc and Zihu

Change Pad by Phuc and Zihu You display a clipboard and proceed to draw a sketch, or a word, offered to the view of the public. Now imagine you had the power to surreptitiously distort this ink into something else, and reveal the change to a bewildered audience, what would you do?

Unharmed by Jay Sankey

Unharmed by Jay Sankey SPECIAL OFFER: Order Unharmed TODAY and receive Jay's incredible prediction trick "CHOICE EFFECT" - A completely free choice prediction using Taro cards. (This is a download and will appear as Unharmed in your MyPenguinMagic access area)! The performer borrows a credit card, driver's license or almost any other plastic card. The card is wrapped in an examined paper napkin, and a spectator is invited to hold tightly to a corner of the wrapped card. Then a pencil, pen, toothpick, nail or even a chopstick is slowly pushed through the credit card. A moment later, the card is unwrapped and returned to the owner.

3 Ropes and 1000 Laughs by Cody Fisher

3 Ropes and 1000 Laughs by Cody Fisher Straight out of Cody fisher's corporate comedy act! 3 ROPES AND A 1000 LAUGHS is Cody Fisher's professional comedy rope routine. It's a 5-10 minute rope routine that is full of comedy, high on audience participation, fits in your pockets and can play to thousands!