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Zodiacal by Tony Jackson

Imagine going up to anyone, anywhere, anytime and instantly telling them their sign. Now you can! There are no questions asked, no cold-reading tactics, nothing's ever written down, and no objects are ever used.

Spellendar by Phill Smith

Spellendar is an amazing, new self-working miracle from the brain of UK mentalist Phill Smith. One spectator freely chooses a word from a calendar and remembers the date associated with that word. Another mentally chooses a card from a shuffled deck.

Ring and Rope Routine by Willi Wessel

A full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other to create a complete routine that lasts 3-5 minutes. In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well thought through to create the maximum effect.

Emerald by Rall

Emerald is one of the most exciting collections in years. Along with a number of brand new techniques, Rall has taken classic moves and transformed them into something fresh, original and very magical.

Room66 by Yoan Tanuij & Magic Dream

What if a simple key tag became the ultimate Peek tool? A secret weapon you'll always have on you? A tool so harmless and universal that no one will suspect it is your best routine?