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No Hesitation Zarrow by Luca J. Bellomo (LJB)

No Hesitation Zarrow by Luca J. Bellomo (LJB) I wanted to create a Zarrow shuffle that looks like a real shuffle. Over the years I was able to create one of the most deceptive Z shuffle that you have ever seen. You can look close up and it appears always like a real shuffle. This is my No Hesitation Zarrow.

Profiteer by Adrian Vega

Profiteer by Adrian Vega The Mystery Box is a classic plot that most magicians have in their repertoire. Having a freely selected, signed card, appear miraculously in an isolated container is a plot that is easy to follow, and it drives magicians and laypeople crazy. Adrian Vega, the creator of SCAANDAL,

Cool,Kid Show Magic by Norm Barnhart

Cool,Kid Show Magic by Norm Barnhart This DVD contains Norm's original routines, including: 1. Emperors New Cloths Magic 2. Egg To Dove 3. Comedy Funny Bone Gag 4. A Funny Vanishing Bottle Routine 5. Snowman in Arizona 6. Herbert And The Sponge Ball Circus 7. Norm's Variation On the Mis-Made Flag 8. Another Take On The Flag Trick 9. The Stamp Collecting Routine From Norm's Reading Magic Show 10. The Appearing Spider 11. The Appearing Spider Take 2 12. The Mystery Book, Who Done It? 13. Comedy Newspaper Tear (Performance Only) 14. The Eye Test 15. Norm's Library Card Trick

Gerard on Hoy by Andrew Gerard

Gerard on Hoy by Andrew Gerard Learn the world's greatest un-gimmicked, impromptu, anytime anywhere book test! Plus 3 incredible new routines based on the Hoy principal from Andrew Gerard. Bro Gilbert joins Andrew Gerard on this first installment of their studio sessions series for a no nonsense, no hype, jam session on David Hoy's legendary principle.

Morgan Replica CSB Set by Lion Miracle

Morgan Replica CSB Set by Lion Miracle This classic of Copper/Silver/Brass coin magic is now available in "Morgan Replica Dollar" size. With limitless magic routine, such as Visual Exchange, 3 Coins Change and Classic CSB routine. You will get the High Quality crafted gimmicked coins produced by Lion Miracle. Comes with full coins set and online tutorial video. Credit Jimmy Fan

Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch

Flying Bandinis by Joe Rindfleisch The Flying Bandinis combines four visual phases. Each phase is unique and impossible. Joe Rindfleisch is the master of rubber band magic. His work is unmatched and Flying Bandinis is a perfect example of how his crazy mind works.

Kim Andersen – Shrapnel

Kim Andersen - Shrapnel Dit is-ie dan! DÉ hit van Blackpool Magic Convention 2022! Wij van The Premium Magic Store zijn als enigste Nederlandse goochelwinkel naar dit toffe congres geweest, en hebben deze truc dus met eigen ogen mogen aanschouwen! Dat SHRAPNEL dé truc van BP22 is geworden, is volgens ons niet onterecht! Wat WAT een gaaf effect is dit! Dit jaar enorm veel leuke, gave en indrukwekkende trucs gezien, maar SHRAPNEL van Kim Andersen is de terechte winnaar!

McStraw by Michael Kaminskas

McStraw by Michael Kaminskas The instructional video you get teaches how to perform this miracle using items that are easily obtained or even already in your house! Easily the coolest straw trick ever. This trick is SO visual and ends with a complete transformation.