Harribo by Lord Harri

“A mouth-watering ring to impossible location with a sweet twist!”

Introducing Lord Harri’s tang-tastic take on the vanishing ring plot.

You’ll be expertly taught a wide range of brilliantly natural handlings and presentations which will end upwith a spectator’s borrowed ring vanishing right before their eyes and turning into an iconic Haribo ring.

It’s both hilariously fun and charming – watch their eyes light up in disbelief as you produce a real sealedpack of Haribo sweets and see their ring inside!

The magician rips open the bag and pours the contents out of the bag into the hands of the spectator.Their ring lands in their hands, and they also get to eat the sweets! Everything is examinable. Harribo issuper fun for all ages, is very easy to perform and gets the sweetest reactions.

You’ll receive Lord Harri’s delightful routines and everything you need to perform this captivatingeffect right out the box including a couple of Harribo bags to get you started and a custom-madegimmick that will get your ring where it needs to be faster than your spectator(s) can say”Harribo”.

Harribo is a fresh alternative to your existing ring to impossible location / nest of wallets / ring flight andsomething that leaves a great taste in everyones’ mouths.

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