Chaos Project Chapter 3 by Dani DaOrtiz(Be Visual)

Chapter 3: Be Visual Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a powerhouse multiphase routine that combines the mystery card plot with card at number and an impossible thought of card revelation. This trick is peak Dani. The Chaos Project is a one-year course in which you learn to harness the powers of chaos

Wooden Cup Ball Routnes

The Cups and Balls is probably the oldest magic effect that we have come to know. A drawing of conjurers performing this classic is found inside the pyramids, which proves that it was performed thousands of years ago.

Cesaral Mental Frisbee by Pitata

We finally made it. The Cesaral Mental Frisbee is now ready! We believe that it is truly innovative and shining work. We have spent countless efforts to build and refine it, and finally simplified and now present it to you in the form of an Ordinary-Looking frisbee. Hope you will enjoy it.

Pop Wild by Chris James

We can't believe our friend Chris James will give this little beauty away for free! Twist, flick, and pop out 4 A's to appear between the two Pop Wild Cards. Create four trumps in an interesting visual style!

Light Year by Kyle Purnell

"Light year is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s as beautiful as it is baffling and a perfect example of Kyle’s incredible thinking." - Roddy McGhie

Itineris by Radek Hoffmann

The routine starts when the performer asks the spectator to make some random decisions. First, they need to set up a random time using the performer's watch. Then they generate a random number using an imaginary die. They throw it three times and