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Snack Chap by Marcos Cruz

Marcos Cruz presents a fantastic effect with two Pringles tubes. SNACK CHAP is not only easy to perform, but we also designed it to adapt to many situations: it is simple and convenient to use.

Bottle by Perseus Arkomanis

There's something undeniably romantic about tossing a message into the ocean and seeing to whom fate - abetted by the currents and wind - might deliver the marine missive.

Pizza Magic by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley brings you a new hilarious magic effect for your shows. Pizza Magic is visual, practical and magical. Doughs for pizza will be cooked in an entertaining way.

Seed of Doubt by Fraser Parker

Seed of Doubt is an entirely new and never before seen release from Fraser produced by The Thirteen Souls that is entirely mechanical, easy to perform and practically self-working.

Mini Illusion by Himitsu Magic

Effect: The magician inserted a paper knife into the gap in the cardboard, and then put the Houdini card that the audience had checked into the gap. Can actually pass through the paper knife directly! After the performance, all objects can be checked!

Lift Up Gravity by ZiHu

The first time floating many bills at the same time with nothing, just your hand. All the bill connected with each other like zero gravity. All of bills are borrowed and can then be immediately given out for inspection!

Unreal Cups and Balls by Jimmy Fan

Unreal Cups and Balls (Mini) by Jimmy Fan Speaking of Cups and Balls magic, it is an ancient magic that can be traced back thousands of years ago. After thousands of years, Cups and Balls magic has evolved and

ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 02)

The Impossible ACAAN - With 2 Decks In lesson 2 of the ACAAN Project, Dani Daortiz begins to take you inside his pillars of magic that allow you to mold your spectator’s mind as though it were clay in your hands.