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ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 04)

The Triple Coincidence In Lesson 4 of The ACAAN Project Danny teaches you the secrets of focusing an audience on the effect you want them to remember over the course of a multiphase trick that contains many impossible moments. The Triple Coincidence routine begins with the performer putting three cards face down on the table.

Mental Bell by JL Magic

With Mental Bell by JL Magic make a bell mysteriously ring with the power of your mind. You can even be standing across the stage or room. So many uses!

Fast and Loose by Chef Anton and Pop Haydn

The companion video to Whit Haydn's and Chef Anton's Notes on the Fast and Loose includes live performances by Chef and Whit and detailed explanations with shots from both the audience's and performer's point of view.

Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki

Pinnacle by Russ Niedzwiecki "I don’t do many rubber band tricks, but Pinnacle is too good not to do. The moments of magic are clean, clear and truly astonishing. Pinnacle is one of the best penetration effects out there." - Cameron Francis

Instant Origami by Bachi Ortiz

Instant Origami by Bachi Ortiz A piece of paper written with the word "bird" is placed inside a glass bottle. When shaken, the paper takes the shape of an origami dove. Uncovered, fully in sight !!!

Insta Square by Martin Lewis

Insta Square by Martin Lewis A visual and instant Magic Square. This isn’t math, it’s magic! Imagine this, you pull out a pocket notebook with a blank grid and ask someone to call out a number. With just a quick magical gesture,