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Chaos Project Chapter 6 By Dani DaOrtiz(Chaotic Triumph)

Chaotic Triumph Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a Triumph effect so chaotic that it has to use the entire audience. The entire audience thinks of cards, and every thought of card ends up being the only face-up cards in the deck despite the whole audience shuffling the deck face-up and face-down. Now set up in easy-to-follow chapters of The What, The How, and The Way, learning the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is even easier than ever before.

Leo‘s Coin by Leo Smetsers

If you have ever met Leo in person you will know he is always performing. No matter where we go together he's doing magic. One of Leo's best kept secrets was his coin. I remember sitting in a restaurant in Italy with Leo when he started performing magic to the waiters. One of them called the boss over to see some magic. Leo reached in to his pockets

Kim Andersen Penguin Live Online Lecture

"I love watching Kim do magic. He is one of the most inventive and skilled magicians out there. A must watch" -Andy Nyman "Kim Andersen is an absolutely incredible magician. He has a very rare skill where he can perform very difficult sleight of hand and make it

David Jonathan Penguin LIVE

"David is one of my favorite creators in the whole of the magic world. He has an uncanny ability to streamline and simplify effects whilst making them incredibly powerful and multilayered. Many of the tricks I perform in my working sets have been his creations. His material is strong,

Alexandra Duvivier LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

"I have always been a big fan in secret for years and years. She is the best female sleight of hand artist of all time. I don't know a huge amount about anything, but one thing I know a lot about is sleight of hand. And I know I'm not wrong." -Chris Kenner

Kieron Johnson Penguin Live Lecture 2

"Such brilliant, mad, obsessive thinking that has created spectacular effects. You are a true one off. Keep up the brilliant work!" - Andy Nyman "A polar vortex has hit the magic world." - Wayne Dobson "Kieron is a genius." - Fay Presto

Christopher Carter LIVE 1-2

"Christopher Carter has been performing mentalism professionally longer than pretty much anyone. His style has always ensured his shows are fresh, engaging, and truly entertaining. The methods you're going to learn here are not pipe dreams, this is material that has been refined in front of real audiences for decades! There are very few people I would prefer didn’t do a Penguin lecture because their stuff is too good. Christopher is one of these people. In fact having to write this to tell you that he's amazing is most infuriating.'- Colin McLeod

Pierced by Stefanus Alexander

Show the entire card as it penetrates the bill! A brand new take on an old effect. The see the entire card penetrate the bill from the beginning to the end. Single Bill Single Card No Magnets Easy Perform Easy to setup Download it today!

Jeffrey Wang Live (Penguin LIVE)

Jeffrey does beautiful coin magic with his innovative sleights! You are gonna love his work." -Eric Jones "Watching Jeffrey perform from behind is an eye opener. Never have I seen anyone manipulate coins like this. This is what we call in Chinese a true 变态." -Eric Chien

Benjamin Barnes LIVE(Penguin Live)

What will he teach? Nous Savons- An unbelievable card location that defies explanation. Ambitious Card- Everyone knows the effect Benjamin shares a way to perform it so that it is increasingly more impossible as the routine progresses. And it ends in their hands.