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Clase Online por Roberto Mansilla (Clase 4)

Clase 4. Clases Online con efectos explicados en detalle, consejos, aspectos teóricos y reflexiones. La idea es que con cada clase que veas no solo aprendas un truco nuevo y potente, sino que te adentres un poco más de esta disciplina maravillosa.

Masterclass Live by Jim Steinmeyer

We are thrilled to announce that Jim Steinmeyer will be the August Masterclass instructor. Steinmeyer's place is the pantheon of magic legends is secure: he has designed illusions for stage and screen, including some of Broadway's most memorable magic scenes. He has worked with all the greats in magic,

Andy Gladwin Masterclass Live

Vanishing Inc. cofounder, Andi Gladwin, is the author of our best-selling book of all time (The Boy Who Cried Magic), has been featured on television in the UK and USA, and recently fooled Penn & Teller with a trick he designed specifically for them. He has also traveled the world extensively lecturing and