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Sci-Fold by Calix

Do you like the Mercury Fold? You like to go straight to the effect? Imagine putting the card back into the pack, closing the deck and the card is already folded. The Sci-fold is my take on the folding card method.

Hancock Change 2023 by Kyle Purnell

"This is so visual! I thought this will require a gimmick 100%. No, it was a brilliant method with no gimmick. I Highly recommend it!" -Jeki Yoo "Kyle Purnell is magic. He thinks about magic from every possible angle, from outside

Triple Impact Brainwave by Kassim Beydoun

You will learn a routine inspired by Asi Wind. I will teach you how to the the brainwave effect with no gimmicks at all. No rough and smooth. Any named card is the only card reversed in the deck. It also has a different coloured back and is the only card in the pack as the whole deck is blank.

Chaos Project Chapter 3 by Dani DaOrtiz(Be Visual)

Chapter 3: Be Visual Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a powerhouse multiphase routine that combines the mystery card plot with card at number and an impossible thought of card revelation. This trick is peak Dani. The Chaos Project is a one-year course in which you learn to harness the powers of chaos

Pop Wild by Chris James

We can't believe our friend Chris James will give this little beauty away for free! Twist, flick, and pop out 4 A's to appear between the two Pop Wild Cards. Create four trumps in an interesting visual style!

The Vault – Disco Pop by Sean Devine

Three killers effects with your pop socket! A card is selected by a participant and lost back into the deck. The magician takes his phone out and uses the pop socket in a mysterious way to locate the selection! The card can even be signed. If you're a fan of "Tiny Plunger" by Jon Armstrong, then you'll love this!