Plucked Out by Jota

Two hyper visual effects where you pluck a spectator’s thought card out from the printed image on your t-shirt!
Yes, two versions in the same product!

No sleight of handVery easy to doResets in secondsYou finish completely cleanSpectators can examine the t-shirt
In the same product you’ll receive TWO VERSIONS that you can apply to TWO DIFFERENT T-SHIRTS:

1) The THOUGHT CARD disappears from the printed image on the t-shirt and appears inside an envelope.

2) The card chosen by the spectator is plucked out from the t-shirt in the most visual way you can think of, with completely clean hands.

Each package comes with the special gimmicks and two iron-on transfer papers you need to perform (T-shirt not included).

These image transfer papers offer ultimate convenience: instead of having to choose a pre-made t-shirt, you can add the Plucked Out printed images to ANY t-shirt you’d like and you’re ready to go! (that’s why t-shirt is not included!).

That’s right, with nothing more than an iron, you can easily apply the image to your favorite color or style shirt. Make any combination that best matches your personality and performing style!

Once you have the t-shirt ready, you can wear it all the time. It just looks like a normal one!

The ENGLISH and SPANISH online tutorial covers a variety of different performances for both live audiences and social media content.

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