Category Card

Box Out by Rizki Nanda

From the mind of Rizki Nanda the creator of Jumpink, Puzzle and Torn Teleport!! This is Box out. REAL DECK PASSES THROUGH REAL BOX !!!

POP Deck by Ruben Goni

Watch the video to see this incredible effect in action. It's totally automatic and easy to perform. Comes with five "Pop Deck" gimmicks and several routines taught in detail. Video instructions in English and Spanish.

Slider by Mario Tarasini

"Slider" is an interesting new levitation system. Borrow any bill, hold it in your hand, attach the bill to the card and it will start to rise! Simple, visual and clear effect! Any currency can be used. Download now.

X Ray-Vision by Mickael Chatelain

The Magic Apple is thrilled to breathe new life into the beloved "X-Ray Eye" effect from Jeff Ezell. Your spectator literally won't believe their eyes when they gain the power to see right through the back of their selected playing card.

The Dark Veil by Jean Pierre Vallarino

The fastest switch device in the world! The precious advice of Jean-Pierre Vallarino will guide you to make this new accessory a terribly effective weapon! Apparitions, disparitions, transformations, changes...