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Card Under Anywhere Wallet by Matthew Wright

It’s a difficult routine to perform without the space of a bar, and nearly impossible to perform without a table, until now. Matthew Wright has been performing versions of the card under glass plot for decades. This project takes all the impact of it,

Tenkai Cards by Rocco

Rocco’s TenKai Cards: Effect 1; Both hands are shown empty. From nowhere, a single card Magically appears at the fingertips and is tossed into the air and caught. One at a time more cards appear until 5 cards are displayed between the fingers.

Try-Out by Yuji Murakami

Yuji Murakami shares his unique take on the classic Triumph plot, using his groundbreaking “Try-Out” shuffle to achieve an incredibly quick, clean and direct piece of magic.

Fugitive by Bachi Ortiz

A card magically escapes! If you are looking for practical and powerful magic, this is for you! Your spectators will not believe what they are seeing.

The Hoff by Josh Burch

"A super clever take on a classic plot. A hands-hoff handling of the ace problem that’s definitely worth checking out." - Sebastian Midtvage

My Name Is by Julio Montoro

"My Name Is" by Julio Montoro is a unique and powerful effect utilizing easily-recognizable name tags. It's a very natural moment that doesn't feel like a magic trick right up until the surprise happens.