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 TAKAAN:The Any Kard At Any Number by Steve Gore

TAKAAN The Any Kard At Any Number! Feel like a REAL magician! At last, the real ANY card at ANY Number, with your regular deck... But EASY... with NO Memory work or Mental Arithmetic! You may be thinking, Does the magic world really need another ACAAN? Yes it does! For magicians like me, with a bad memory, not very good at mental maths,

The Faraday Pad by Infinity & TCC

Produced by D. We are proud to introduce you our new brand today: Infinity. Infinity is a sub-brand by TCC Magic. Infinity is a brand-new technology magic brand full of exploration and breakthroughs.

Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan

"What a contribution to magic... Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!!! POW he pulls this out!!!!" -Nick Verna The most charming card trick in the history of magic has finally become bigger than ever! Featuring brand new artwork created by Dan Harlan and printed on special Jumbo

Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman

Predict the completely free airline seat choice of a spectator. Give your audience a chance to go anywhere they want to go in the world and predict exactly how they will get there. This is Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman.

Chaos Project Chapter 5 by Dani DaOrtiz(The Big Coincidence)

The Big Coincidence Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a coincidence so big that it’s an unbelievable miracle. Two packets contain matching mates despite the constant chaos of shuffling.Now set up in easy-to-follow chapters of The What, The How, and The Way, learning the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is even easier than ever before.

Concealed by Peter Eggink

An ultra quick and ultra easy card to pocket. Any card is selected and is signed by the spectator. Next, the card is lost back in the pack and with just a tap of your sharpie, the card has magically vanished from within the pack - you explain that the card has gone through an actual portal. With no funny moves or whatsoever your empty hand reaches into your back pocket only to reveal the spectator's signed card!