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The Screening Card by Juan Pablo

“Every time Juan Pablo releases a new trick he brings something clever and original to the magic community. And now he did it again, he added this new twist to the cards across plot that creates an interactive magical moment between

Snow By ZawShinn

Welcome to Snow. This effect looks camera trick but this is not! The magician waves their hand in front of a card and it turns into particles in the air and then when the magician waves their hand again, it goes back to normal! This effect is ideal for social media. Download Now!

Biddle Blizzard by Dave Loosley

Biddle Blizzard is Dave Loosley's Handling of the classic Biddle effect. After having a card selected and mixed amongst 4 other stranger cards, you cause the selected card to vanish and reappear in the centre of the deck,

Well Travelled by Cameron Francis

Learn a professional mini-set from Cameron Francis that seamlessly winds three killer tricks together. No more performing one trick and then fumbling to secretly set up for the next. Cameron has plotted this together for you, so all you have to do is PERFORM!

XACAAN by Stefano Nobile

For the first time, I am revealing my Killer Perfect Acaan! I have fooled many magicians on skype and zoom. This one is made mainly for online performances but it is possible to perform in real life in certain situations.

Perfect Cut by Jeff Nolasco

EFFECT: The magician takes 2 decks. One red deck, one blue deck. Spread the red deck to the spectator so they know it is a normal deck. Shuffle the red deck and set it aside. Spread the blue deck, let…