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Brain Child by Kyle Purnell

"Brainchild is an innovative approach to 'Think-A-Card' which will blow your audiences away. Super-easy to do, fooling and with an impossible kicker that no one will see coming!" - Mark Elsdon

Disegual by Joseph B

DISEGUAL is a really powerful effect full of twists. In this trick it is possible to involve two spectators who will do all the work, the magician will not touch the cards.

 Eudaemonia by Joseph B

Eudaemonia is an amazing effect: a really powerful prediction for the spectator. Effect: The spectator rolls 8 imaginary dice and names a number. The magician takes out the deck of cards and counts the spectator's named number from the face of the deck.

Maxim by Lloyd Barnes(NO APP)

“Maxim” is a must-have magic app that allows you to do amazing stacked deck work without ever having to memorize a stack. For those who already work with memorized decks, it’s the perfect companion to make miracle-level effects easier than ever. You can perform a flawless and fair ACAAN with almost no effort required.