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Dalight by Negan

This is a fun method for turning over a selected card in the deck impossibly + Super easy to do + No hard sleight of hand

Acaan Prediction by Francesco Ceriani

Imagine to have two regular decks of cards. The spectator can freely choose a two digits number, count the cards until that number and remember the choosen card. No control on the deck by the performer. Despite this, in the other deck there will be a 100% accurate prediction card.

3 Tecniques With A Borrowed Deck by Joseph B

A single download with three of Joseph's techniques explained in detail. 1- Direct from the table In this case it is a palming of one or more cards from the bottom of the deck. The Magician takes the deck off the table and immediately palms the four aces

Plucked Out by Jota

Two hyper visual effects where you pluck a spectator's thought card out from the printed image on your t-shirt! Yes, two versions in the same product!

Be My Guest by Kimoon Do

Be my Guest is a SUPER EASY and STRONG mentalism trick. No gimmicks and set-up required! Just carry an ordinary deck of cards! You do not have to utilize 'Magicians's