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Mystery Border by Zaw Shinn

The Magician holds a playing card border and with a wave of a finger, the card appears inside of the border. -Now flap. -No fold. -Easy to perform Social media only

52 Thru by Jay Grill

"Is it possible to push a card through the top card of a deck and out the bottom? It is now! It’s like the penetration of the solid block of brass in the matchbox, except it’s ungaffed and impromptu. The box, deck and card are all examinable. This trick is a real winner." - Mike Powers

Push Through by Robert Ramirez

Rob Ramirez loves books. By searching back through some of the classic texts, he digs out the strongest effects and by adding his subtleties, makes them even better.

Fake Border 2.0 by Zaw Shinn

The Magician hold a card border and then another normal card pass through this border.This card changed to Border without covering.This effect perfect for social media and Zoom.. Download it today!

Catching Cold by Carl Irwin

"Catching Cold" is The Common Magician's solution to the card catching plot. A selection is made and shuffled into the deck. The performer dribbles the cards and proceeds to catch the selected card from the dribble.

FAST by Daniel Dorian Johnson

One of the bestselling tricks at Blackpool is finally available to you. Using a powerful system, "F.A.S.T" offers you five amazing effects that are so easy to perform, it's almost criminal.

Cannibal King by Alan Rorrison

The Cannibal Cards by Roy Walton is a landmark to any working magician out there. Alan took the premise and put it on steroids. The spectator selects a "victim" and you introduce your "cannibal". Under the shadow of darkness the victim gets devoured and the cannibal can be inspected.