Bandwidth:Talking Sense by John Bannon

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD – Talking Sense is one of the most insanely impossible self working tricks we have EVER seen! You literally never see or touch the cards. The spectator shuffles their own deck.

Pizza Magic by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley brings you a new hilarious magic effect for your shows. Pizza Magic is visual, practical and magical. Doughs for pizza will be cooked in an entertaining way.

Jumpy Toad by Liam Montier

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD - Liam has taken one of his favourite tricks of all time (Dave Campbell's Leapfrog) and turbocharged it. His brilliant new version is streamlined, efficient, easy-to-do and even more fooling than the (awesome) original!

Memories by Nikolas Mavresis

Memories by Nikolas Mavresis – Een eenvoudig systeem om een door de toeschouwer in gedachten genomen foto te kunnen dupliceren / natekenen is de droom van elke mentalist. Dit systeem van Nikolas is verbluffend, zeer direct én ook nog eens eenvoudig uit te voeren.

Plotto by Michael Murray

"This is an amazing effect. Really strong!" - Javier O. "I don't do a lot of mentalism but everything Michael puts out gets my attention. Plotto is another brilliant piece from MM,

Go Out by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents "Go Out", an incredible effect for kids shows using famous Lego characters, it is interactive, magical, practical, and fun where you can entertain and surprise your audience with a great finale; leaving a nice souvenir to your spectator.

Phoenix by Sirus Magic

When you picture most of the torn and restored effects you already know, usually the Magician does the tearing of the card, with four very carefully torn identically shaped pieces, brought together, slowly and carefully to restore them.