Feel Better by Chris Philpott

“Feel Better” by Chris Philpott is a strong piece of magic and mentalism with an emotional hook that ensures every audience will never forget your performance. It magically spins a negative into a positive, leaving every audience with a memory they’ll cherish forever.

You start by displaying a deck of “emotions” like the ones therapists use to help clients express themselves. While talking about the idea of collective trauma and the hardships we all face, you have the spectator take a card and choose one that describes how they felt during a recent difficult time.

Impossibly, you’re able to read their mind and divine the emotion with uncanny detail. You then borrow their phone and take a photo of them while asking them to imagine a brighter future. When they review the photo on their phone, they’re amazed to see the word has transformed into something wonderful.

No magic apps or technological trickery needed. It all happens on their phone.

Please Note: The pandemic angle used in the trailer is just one way to make the effect relatable to a larger audience. It is NOT the only possible presentation angle though.

“The only trick I know where the magical transformation happens to the spectator! Highest possible recommendation.”Pete McCabe

“Ok, it’s no secret that Chris and I are mates, and I’m a huge fan of his work. Why? Well, most magicians make their tricks about themselves, and Chris almost always makes it about the AUDIENCE, but now HE’S GONE ONE STEP FURTHER, with Feel Better he makes it about EVERYONE. You can’t get more topical, more powerful or for that matter more easy to perform. Feel Better is going straight into my new show as the encore piece, because I want to leave that final powerful moment with the audience to share.”Steve Valentine

“Wow! That is powerful! And what a beautiful gift to leave people with. This is great for both close up and stage. Love it!”Billy Kidd

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