Endless by Iñaki Zabaletta & Vernet Magic

Want to make a splash? Command attention before you even start performing your first card trick? Well “Endless” helps you do just that. It offers a visual and thrilling way to introduce a deck of cards, while also providing a great callback kicker that can tie together longer routines.

You start by showing blank white pieces up paper that are torn up into several pieces. With a magical gesture, these pieces are impossibly transformed into a real deck of cards. You can shuffle and manipulate these playing cards. It’s a great addition to your stage manipulation act.

When your act is done, you can then “paint” the entire deck blank again and re-fuse the playing cards back into a piece of paper, just like before.

Bookending your act to create a cycle of action for the audience to watch is a fun and satisfying way to compose a good magic act. You’ll love starting and ending your card magic with “Endless”.

Comes with:

  • 1 special deck of gaffed playing cards
  • 1 gaffed card case
  • 6 pre-folded sheets
  • 2 “no tear” paper gimmicks
  • 30-minute video tutorial

“Endless” is the best way to produce a deck of cards. You can even produce your favorite deck of playing cards. It’s the perfect addition to any stage manipulation act.

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