Perfect Power Reel by Himitsu Magic

Perfect Power Reel animates a scarf in ways your audience has never seen! It allows the scarf to quickly fly to and from parts of your body or hands, just like gliding. The scarf flows quickly, and then turns into balls, flowers, or whatever you'd like.

Easily Influenced by Daryl

Easily Influenced by FISM winner Daryl is an extremely visual effect that is incredibly easy to perform! Two cards are randomly selected from an ordinary, shuffled deck by the spectator.

Lucid Coin by Marc Oberon

"Easy to learn, super visual, a perfect wow!" - David Stone "A beautiful visual effect! I loved the ending to his Miser's Dream routine. Another example of Marc's great thinking." - Ed Hilsum

Impossible ACAAN by Himitsu Magic

This is a multi-purpose magic prop that looks like a normal paper pad. But it can be used to perform many tricks. It is a very useful tool!! The video shows one idea, whereby you perform an Impossible ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) effect.

Aurora Borealis by Paul Gordon

Back in the day, NICK TROST and ALDO COLOMBINI both RAVED about Paul Gordon's Aurora Borealis. Back in 2001 it sold out very fast and due to the nature of the stock it wasn't able to be reprinted...