3 Flower Pots From Frame by Tora Magic

The illusionist shows a panel on both sides. He puts it on the floor and a moment later he makes a giant vase of flowers appear from behind it.This impossible production is repeated two more times, so as to produce 3 vases full of flowers!

Lotto Prediction by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Chance is a concept whereby it is impossible to predict anything with absolute certainly. Well, thanks to this new creation created in collaboration by Jean-Pierre VALLARINO and Olivier DEQUIN, you will become the master of the game.

Lift Up Gravity by ZiHu

The first time floating many bills at the same time with nothing, just your hand. All the bill connected with each other like zero gravity. All of bills are borrowed and can then be immediately given out for inspection!

ButterFingers by CoinLudens

butterfingers-noun : a person who regularly drops or fails to keep hold of things. The title is based on the fact how the tricks are super difficult to master where there are high chances of dropping your props multiple times during your practice.

 Know Book by Himitsu Magic

The magician hands out a deck of cards to your spectator and has them shuffle the cards, then they choose a card at random. Without touching the deck the magician names their selection 100% precisely. Sounds impossible?

Momentos By Dani DaOrtiz

You can enjoy 2 hours filled with authentic magic, with interviews, anecdotes, tricks with Dani DaOrtiz and friends like Magician Migue, Matias Goldman, Christian Engblom, Miguel Angel Gea, Angel Azar, Juan Escolano, Seth Engstrom, amongst others. Furthermore,

Perfect Power Reel by Himitsu Magic

Perfect Power Reel animates a scarf in ways your audience has never seen! It allows the scarf to quickly fly to and from parts of your body or hands, just like gliding. The scarf flows quickly, and then turns into balls, flowers, or whatever you'd like.