FAST by Daniel Dorian Johnson

One of the bestselling tricks at Blackpool is finally available to you. Using a powerful system, "F.A.S.T" offers you five amazing effects that are so easy to perform, it's almost criminal.

YouTest by Jerome Sauloup

After the Best Seller Choice and Switch Cup, Jérôme Sauloup is back with YouTest! Based on the fact that in 2022 QR codes are everywhere and can even define us or give us access to certain places, Jérôme preferred to have fun with them and created YouTest. You receive 12 cards and a marker

Cannibal King by Alan Rorrison

The Cannibal Cards by Roy Walton is a landmark to any working magician out there. Alan took the premise and put it on steroids. The spectator selects a "victim" and you introduce your "cannibal". Under the shadow of darkness the victim gets devoured and the cannibal can be inspected.

Thought Of Card To Box by Christian Grace

One of my favourite plots in all of card magic is Card to impossible location. Here I teach one of my very favourites. The techniques used here can be applied to other aspects of your card magic such as the ‘polarity principle’.

Out Of This Zip Code by Erik Tait

The Full and Complete Work On Erik Tait’s Go-To Effect There’s no question that Out Of This World is one of the strongest effects anyone can do with a borrowed deck of cards. While the deck is face down an audience member points to the backs of the cards which ones they think are red,

Black Ops Watch by James Keatley

Black Ops Watch allows you do a sleeveless vanish of a coin with almost no sleight-of-hand. Before they even know the coin has vanished - it's hidden in stealth mode...INSIDE your watch.

Abandon by Dr. Cyril Thomas

"When I saw ABANDON, I was amazed. I was amazed by a trick that I inspired, and I have no idea how it's done." - Hanson Chien "This project will take rubber band magic to the next level" - Bacon Fire