Hopping Queen by DiFatta Magic

3 Card Monte is a magical classic and is now bigger and better and with a magical twist at the end.

Find the Lady is a popular game of fun and chance with a gotcha moment, beloved by magicians, hustlers and con men the world over. We’re not asking you to put any money down, just join in the game to Find the Lady! The Queen is a tricky character. She’s here, then there, then who knows where!

The doors on the display stand are removed to reveal three large cards – two black Kings and one red Queen. A third King is placed into a white envelope and put to one side. The audience is asked to follow the Queen. The cards are covered with wooden doors, and then pulled out and dropped into different slots. ‘Where’s the Queen?’ ‘THERE!’ everyone shouts. But when the door is removed…it’s a King! ‘Here’s the Queen!’ and there she is, behind another door. Another round, another miss by the audience. The cards are swapped around the third time. ‘Ah, but there is a secret to this,’ you explain as you remove all three doors to reveal three kings! ‘The Queen has hopped into the envelope!’ and out of the envelope slides the Queen.

Simple, stunning, magical fun. Practically self-working, instant reset. Lovely professional-quality wooden prop from DiFatta Magic.

This is a fun effect for any Christmas Service to illustrate the story of the three Kings struggling to find the stable and Mary (the Queen).

We guarantee that you and your audience will have a LOT of fun with this. And the quality prop adds professionalism to any presentation.

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