Quarterly Report by Rick Lax

IT IS A DEMONSTRATION OF THE POWER OF SUBCONSCIOUS INFLUENCE. At least, that’s how it SEEMS… This is Quarterly Report, a new routine by Rick Lax. It isn’t meant to FOOL spectators;

Meta-Morph by Axel Vergnaud

Card changes are still viewed today as one of the strongest moments you can offer your audience with just one card. Imagine with a single card, changing the card 4 times visually in front of the audience,

Bluetooth by Sirus Magic

An incredible utility device for card animation effects with a regular deck and your invisible Bluetooth gimmicks. Imagine being able to perform all the following effects

Seed of Doubt by Fraser Parker

Seed of Doubt is an entirely new and never before seen release from Fraser produced by The Thirteen Souls that is entirely mechanical, easy to perform and practically self-working.

Three Propless Presentations by Joe Diamond

In this ebook, you get THREE scripts that have been honed over years in every professional situation imaginable. They all been easily adapted to Virtual Shows, and they each involve the ENTIRE audience. As Bob Cassidy would say, these are MAJOR effects! At just $10 per script, this is an invaluable investment!

Mini Illusion by Himitsu Magic

Effect: The magician inserted a paper knife into the gap in the cardboard, and then put the Houdini card that the audience had checked into the gap. Can actually pass through the paper knife directly! After the performance, all objects can be checked!

Magic Wine Wand by Tora Magic

Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company The fairy made the spring wine with her magical wand of fairy dust. An incredible fusion of real life with a hint of magic.

Rosen Roy Martini Glass by Rosen Roy

The Rosen Roy Martini Glass brings a brand-new name to cocktail craftsmanship with an added touch of magic. Designed by master glass magician Rosen Roy, this one-of-a-kind glass is unbreakable, remarkable, versatile.

Simpatico by Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood’s simpatico is one of the cleverest, most devious (not to mention hilarious!) routines we’ve ever seen. Brian, who’s successfully used and audience-tested this routine for years, has graciously decided to unleash simpatico on the magic fraternity.