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Freaky Pencil by Tybbe master

Freaky Pencil by Tybbe master FREAKY PENCIL is a visual effect using a pencil It's such a fun and cool effect! If you like magic with fun concepts, this is your effect! This will make your audience confused and amazed. No magnet No thread No elastic No pulls or rolls Handling is easy and practical Performing can be done anytime anywhere Learn now!!

Decoded by Morgan and West

Decoded by Morgan and West This two-disc DVD set is unlike any you have experienced before. On Decoded, Morgan & West reveal the artistry behind their "code" act. You'll learn how to secretly communicate with an onstage partner to divine serial numbers, the value of pocket change, a randomly chosen word from a book, and much, much more.

Looper by Hunter

Looper by Hunter LOOPER is a sleek, elegant and ordinary looking ring box that allows you to do miracles. The box does all the work. Essentially the same technology as a locking Himber wallet applied to a ring box. You can: Make a ring vanish Make a ring appear Two rings visually transpose Ring visually shrinks Ring visually grows to impossible location and more!

Haunted cigs by Ebbytones

Haunted cigs by Ebbytones "HAUNTED CIGS" is a visual rising cigarette effect, Very unique and very easy to do Which is: No magnet NO thread No elastic No IT No pull or roll And the performance can be surrounded With a unique method Simple and practical, Can do it anywhere anytime.. LEARN NOW!!

Timelapse by Mario Tarasini

Timelapse by Mario Tarasini Effect: The magician puts a black sticker on the card box. The sticker is covered with a card and it disappears! That's not all ... The sticker after a while magically appears on the card! Gimmick is easy to make, but don't be fooled… Although the trick is simple, but very visual.

The Knockout Magic of Caleb Wiles

The Knockout Magic of Caleb Wiles Caleb Wiles is a creative force in card magic. Known for his diabolical methods and engaging presentations, Caleb's magic is defined by efficient methods. With a minimum of sleights, these tricks achieve maximum impact.