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Bermuda by Nicholas Lawrence

Bermuda by Nicholas Lawrence We've all seen and probably perform the classic pre-torn corner vanish... Well, it just got a serious upgrade! Tear off a small corner of a playing card and cleanly display it then make it vanish in the convincing way possible! Visually or with Cover, it looks totally impossible...

Thunder Bill by Vix

Thunder Bill by Vix Paper instantly changes into bill No flaps No elastic No magnet Including routine transposition of money and paper

FOCGOFF by Matthew Wright

FOCGOFF by Matthew Wright FOCGOFF - FORCE ONE CARD GET ONE FISH FREE The FOCGOFF principle is a technique that Matthew Wright has been using for many years as part of multiple routines in his performing repertoire.

JPV Wallet by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

JPV Wallet by Jean-Pierre Vallarino This tool made to measure in high quality leather allows you to present many of routines and varied effects thanks to its new features, it also has several secret compartments even allowing you to leave it for the exam!

Chameleon by Marcos Cruz

Chameleon by Marcos Cruz Marcos Cruz presents his new visual and surprising effect. Easy to transport and ready to use. Imagine holding a blue Halls package (mentho lyptus) from your pocket and visually it transforms into a black package (strong lyptus). Then it visually transforms into a red package (lyptus cherry) and finally ends up in a purple package (blueberry lyptus) that you can show your astonished audience. A literal explosion of color and flavor.

Da Ortiz And Water by Dani da Ortiz

Da Ortiz And Water by Dani da Ortiz The Spanish Sensation Dani DaOrtiz has done it again with "DaOrtiz and Water". This is a quick, very powerful oil and water that is completely self working, happens in the SPECTATOR HANDS and ends with a FULL DECK SEPARATION!!!! Sound amazing? That's probably because it IS. But don't take our word for it, download it today and find out for yourself!