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prophet by Tom Isaacson

It's an effect that cannot be explained - only shown. You remove five ordinary one dollar bills from your pocket or wallet. Without any strange motions, folding, or delay the bills instantly and visually change into five HUNDRED dollar bills.

Three Envelopes by Smagic Productions

The effect of moving cards in an envelope that the audience never guessed correctly. Redeem the cards in the envelope right in the spectator's hand. Imagine you take out three cards, put them in an envelope, and place them on the table.

Caffeine Rush by Peter Eggink

This will blow your spectators minds! They'll never look at coffee the same again!" -Yousif Salhab, creator of Impression Card Prediction From Vincenzo Ravina (creator of Division) - comes a new take on the coffee to coins plot.

Finker by Jey Lillo

"The coronavirus has brought significant changes in our lives and we have had to adapt to those changes, inevitably we have reduced close contact with people and increased remote activities, work, school, friends and even magic.


"This is by far the most visual version of Crazy Man's Handcuffs." -Hanson Chien "This project is pure gold! Easy to learn and so visual, thank you for this gem Abhijit" -Dr. Cyril Thomas

ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 05)

The Multi-Information Card At Number In Lesson 5 of The ACAAN Project Dani teaches you the powerful concept of Multi-Information which can also be applied to any effect that uses numbers or position to reveal a card.

ACAAN Project by Dani DaOrtiz (Chapter 04)

The Triple Coincidence In Lesson 4 of The ACAAN Project Danny teaches you the secrets of focusing an audience on the effect you want them to remember over the course of a multiphase trick that contains many impossible moments. The Triple Coincidence routine begins with the performer putting three cards face down on the table.