LUX by Lloyd Barnes

The ultimate EDC weapon. A brilliantly dynamic James Bond-level utility. “LUX” by Lloyd Barnes has arrived and you’ll never leave home without it again.

“This is the greatest trick of the last decade. It’s probably the greatest trick of all time.”Craig Petty

With this unique device in your pocket, you can harness the power of UV light to create incredible moments of CGI-level magic in, or even ON, your spectator’s hands. The versatility of this utility device offers thousands of possibilities.

For example, you hand your spectator a UV pen and allow them to draw an invisible “X” anywhere on their hand. It then comes to life as they illuminate it with the “LUX” device. Here’s where things get crazy though. In slow motion, while they hold the “LUX” device, that “X” on their skin vanishes away. You then instruct them to shine the light on your hand or another part of your body and they will lose their minds when they see that “X” has jumped to you!

“LUX” is so much more than “Double Cross” on steroids though. It’s a super versatile tool that allows you to easily perform a variety of visual magic tricks and stunning mentalism routines. You can perform a squeaky clean Invisible Deck routine, crazy fair lottery prediction, book tests, bank nights and so much more. The dynamic nature of this utility device is unprecedented.

You won’t believe how easy “LUX” is to perform. You won’t have to worry about any complicated sleight of hand or fragile gimmicks, and can instead focus on giving the best possible performance.

Your “LUX” set comes with everything you need to start performing right out of the box:

  • Precision-made “LUX” device
  • Custom UV pen with special ink designed to not irritate skin
  • 4x batteries (enough for approximately 6 months of performance)
  • Comprehensive instructional video featuring tons of applications, ideas, and special tips to get the most out of “LUX”

“Lloyd has done it again!! Visually stunning, crazy fooling and stupid easy to perform!! This is something special!!”Adam Wilber

“LUX is by far, the closest thing to real magic I’ve ever seen or experienced.”Ben Williams

“LUX is such a powerful experience! It looks how real magic should look!”Tobias Dostal

“LUX is a powerful EDC that looks and feels like real magic.”Rory Adams

“Lux is beautiful. It will leave an impact on everyone who sees it.”Elliot Gerrard

“It is a truly rare occasion that magic sees innovation. And this is one of those occasions.”Mijrin Al Hajri

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