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Wink by The Other Brothers

Wink by The Other Brothers Wink is a stunning way to reveal a card, thought-of number, initials, and more. See the trailer to experience just how magical Wink will look. Staring right through a wine glass, an eerie message appears and then vanishes without a trace. The Other Brothers provide everything you need to perform this effect. Use any wine glass or bottle of water.

Psyche by Peter Turner

Psyche by Peter Turner 2 holy grails of mentalism in 1 awesome download. Make someone just think of a card AND you will learn Peter's own Any Card At Number Routine. Psyche allows you to appear to have real mind reading ability.

RADD by Joe Rindfleisch

RADD by Joe Rindfleisch Joe Rindfleisch is king of rubber band magic, and a world-class teacher. In this video, you're going to learn step-by-step in detail, and be performing like Joe in no time. RADD transcends language barriers, and can be performed in loud bars or clubs. It's super visual, and powerful enough to do by itself, but because you end totally clean it's the PERFECT FINALE to any rubber band routine.

OLÉ by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis De Matos

OLÉ by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis De Matos The astonishing stand-up and close-up magic of one of the finest magicians in Spain. Juan Luis Rubiales, reveals in OLÉ his favorite effects and most closely guarded secrets. His distinctive take on classic plots make for some of the most baffling magic you will ever see.