Seed of Doubt by Fraser Parker

Seed of Doubt is an entirely new and never before seen release from Fraser produced by The Thirteen Souls that is entirely mechanical, easy to perform and practically self-working.

Imagine being able to walk up to anyone, anytime, any place and after displaying both the front and backs of a deck of cards to the spectator, creating a moment of influence where you plant a seed of doubt in the mind of the spectator that causes them to completely misremember the colour of the deck, whilst they hold onto the deck.

They will swear the deck of cards must have been a different colour to the colour they can now clearly see the deck to be – as you take the deck from them and spread it face down onto the table.

We finally convinced Fraser to release this incredibly simple yet powerful piece of Mentalism to the community and are proud to be able to offer this on The Thirteen Souls label.

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