The Expert at the Card Table Looking for Erdnase

S.W. Erdnase is the pseudonym of the man thought to be the most notorious card shark of the 19th century. His book “The Expert at the Card Table” is now considered the card conjurer’s bible, making it compulsory reading for any magician. It took more than 30 years after its publication for the true value of the book to be appreciated. His true identity is still uncertain and remains a great mystery, leaving even the best illusionists in the dark. In our film the greatest magicians of our time go in search of the long-lost genius. They talk about the rumors of his supposed suicide and other stories that will chill you to the bone. No proof of the many legends appears to exist, but in searching for him we learn about the true significance of his book. Along the way, we are given valuable insights into the history of deception through the ages and the origin of some of the best-kept secrets of the contemporary world of magic.

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