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 Spineless by Chad Long

A literary adventure from the mind of Chad Long! Spineless is Chad Long's work on the book test using a book with no spine! The entertaining and unforgettable effect begins when a pile of loose pages are mixed by several spectators and ends with astonishment and applause!

Solid Chop Cup by Leo Smetsers

Harmonica chop cup finale At last, a wonderful finish to your chop cup routine is now available that matches the popular Harmonica Chop Cup from Leo Smetsers.

 Sweet by Smagic Productions

If you are looking for a way to change your ordinary card routine into something new and strong, SWEET is for you! Visually you change a playing card box directly into a full gum box with the signed card magically folded inside. It's incredible when spectators are screaming while you're performing. It's easy to get that huge reaction from this extremely visual effect. In an instant, the deck changes into a package of gum with their signed selection folded inside - impossible but true! It must be magic! What are you waiting for? Order it today!

Geocache by Sudo Nimh

"It is VERY rare to improve a well-known effect - especially a classic like "Name and Place". You not only gave a reason to the full routine, but you have also created the perfect choreography that justifies every single move in the routine. This for me is the best improvement of a classic idea that I have read in a long time!" - Luca Volpe

Speed Loader Plus Wallet by Anthony Miller

"I don't do testimonials, but I really like this wallet" - Cyril "Tony Miller's leather products are absolutely the best that I have ever seen, Not only is he a wonderful craftsmen, he is also a diabolical thinker and his leather items reflect his creativity. To top it off,his goods offer great value for their price" - Barrie Richardson

Pieces by Adrian Martinus & Agus Tjiu

'EFFECT: 3 celebrity photos each cut into 4 parts: forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. So there are 3 sets of foreheads, 3 sets of eyes, 3 sets of noses, and 3 sets of mouths. The spectator then randomly chooses a part of the face from each set. There is less than a 2 percent chance that it will be a correct set. The result,

Psystem 1 by Matt Mello

Psystem 1 by Matt Mello is the first release in the Psystem Series, where each psystem will feature a new propless method to divine thoughts. Psystem 1 focuses on guessing a person's favorite color. They think of their favorite color and the performer begins to

Awe Sum by Joel Harbers

Awe-Sum by Joel Harbers & Magic From Holland is not just another cube trick. In fact, it is not even a trick: The Awe-Sum Cube is a very powerful TOOL that will allow you to perform multiple routines such as: