Zombie Hand by Hanson Chien

A delightfully creepy new take on a one-of-a-kind classic effect.

Bob Farmer’s “Little Hand” has delighted people of all ages for decades. And now, you can enjoy a newly-designed Zombie version that is sure to shock and entertain everyone you meet.

A coin is placed on your hand. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, a “zombie” hand emerges to grab the coin. It quickly snaps back before disappearing along with the coin.

“Zombie Hand” is not limited to just appearing between your hands either. You can make it emerge from a handful of dirt, leaves, candy, popcorn and so much more.

Comes with everything you need including hand-painted rubber gimmick and steel coin. You can easily carry it in your pocket everywhere you go.

“Hanson has created a brand new and fabulous version of the Little Hand.”Bob Farmer

NOTE: “Zombie Hand” is presented with full permission from Bob Farmer.

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