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Insider by Marc Oberon

"This is to the point, natural and 100% sure fire" - Colin McLeod 5 peek techniques to cover EVERY SITUATION Peek & re-peek without suspicion

Total Recall by Manuel Llaser & Vernet Magic

Vernet is proud to introduce an extraordinary and unique memory act: Juan Tamariz said: "It's absolutely convincing and I am totally convinced that Manuel memorizes all the deck as fast as lightning!!!! Extraordinary indeed!!!!

Harribo by Lord Harri

"A mouth-watering ring to impossible location with a sweet twist!" Introducing Lord Harri's tang-tastic take on the vanishing ring plot. You'll be expertly taught a wide range of brilliantly natural handlings and

Name Cup by Juan Pablo & Jota

super visual effect, direct and powerful! With Name Cup you can write with a permanent marker any message on a cup of coffee or soda and transform it into another message instantly! And not once, even two and three times in a row!

Danny Urbanus – Dutch Kiss

Like most modern card magicians, Danny Urbanus has always been fascinated by the "French Kiss" effect. It's such a strong piece of magic that never fails to amaze an audience. The only real flaw is that you need an extra playing card.