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Ring and Rope Routine by Willi Wessel

A full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other to create a complete routine that lasts 3-5 minutes. In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well thought through to create the maximum effect.

Emerald by Rall

Emerald is one of the most exciting collections in years. Along with a number of brand new techniques, Rall has taken classic moves and transformed them into something fresh, original and very magical.

Flame Take by Lukas Hilken & Mysteries

In partnership with Lukas Hilken, Mysteries is proud to present Flame Take! With this series of gimmicks you will be able to show your empty hand, grab fire and turn flame into different objects!Imagine being able to hold the fire at your fingertips and immediately transform that fire into an object!

Matches Impossible by Tony Clark

Brand New Effect by Tony Clark. Make an entire box of wooden matches go right through the palm of your hand! Easy to make and to do! A perfect street magic or strolling effect that resets in seconds and can be repeated over and over...Enjoy!

Topit A Go-Go by Thom Peterson

Topit-A-Go-Go is the easy, any-time topit that moves with you. Now there's no more tucking or tugging. Once installed, all you have to do is put on your coat, and the topit is immediately engaged and ready to go.

MagSwitch by Patrick Kun & Quiver

As a magician, we want to be able to perform spontaneously, anywhere, anytime; that is the reason we created the MagSwitch, a secret switching wallet hides in plain sight as an everyday MagSafe wallet.