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Sharp Turn by Matthew Wright

Sharp Turn by Matthew Wright Sharp Turn is an easy-to-do, custom-designed Sharpie-style pen gimmick that allows for some eye popping visual magic. It can fit straight into any existing routine you have, or you can build a routine around the gimmick itself.

Dice Vision by Conan Liu & TCC

Dice Vision by Conan Liu & TCC The classic magic of "color vision", this magic must have been seen by countless spectators. Inside the small box is a cube with six colored faces (dots) drawn on it. The magician can see at a glance which side is facing up without looking inside the box.

The End by Esya G

The End by Esya G Imagine having a pencil poke through a card like a hot knife melting through butter. Your audience will experience utter astonishment by these impossible visuals. The End. Wait a minute, this isn't finished yet.?

C.Y Presents – Eclipse Candle by Sun

C.Y Presents - Eclipse Candle by Sun Introducing the first release Eclipse from C.Y's Dove Act. With only one "index finger" you can bring powerful effects to the audience through Eclipse. Not only that, it will harmonize with your magic regardless of stage or close-up (SNS, Zoom). If you want to show shocking magic to the audience, Eclipse is a must-have for you.

Inner Origami by Jeff Prace

Inner Origami by Jeff Prace A piece of paper written with the word "bird" is placed inside a glass bottle. When shaken, the paper takes the shape of an origami dove. Uncovered, fully in sight !!!

RHO by Joe Rindfleisch

RHO by Joe Rindfleisch You will do things nobody believes. For a moment they'll assume it's a camera trick, because their brains are going to tell them it can't be possible... but then... slowly.... they realize.... THEY'RE NOT WATCHING A VIDEO.

Bending Glass by Sorcier

Bending Glass by Sorcier A glass goblet is shown and examined by a spectator. The glass is solid and robust. Now the magician begins to focus on it and slowly the stem of the same glass begins to slowly bend with the strength of the mind. At the end of the performance, when it is almost bent 90 degrees, it is left folded on the table upside down.

Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming

Dalmatian by Hyde Ren ft. Zuming Sometime last year, during our gathering with fellow magicians, one comment keeps popping up: "Have you seen Hyde Ren's dice routine?" Although we haven't seen it before, we had a feeling that it would not be that simple. Intrigued, we found the video performance, and as expected, we could not wait to get our hands on it!