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One Card Monte by Iain Bailey

Iain Bailey's One Card Monte is an interesting and commercial interpretation of the classic Color Monte style. With so many effective built-in comedies, it will definitely trigger countless laughter! In addition to the intense magical moments, you will have ideas to carry with you! One Card Monte is easy to operate a

The Switch:In Business by Joel Dickinson

This switch is ideal for close up and parlour performances. When you learn The Switch you will also learn countless more amazing routines at no extra cost. No cover needed Practical Hard hitting What are you waiting for?

Coffee Break by Urbain (French)

“Coffee Break” was developed by Urbain and Gentlemen’s Magic. Taking inspiration from Michael O’Brien’s “Strolling Chop Cup”, every aspect of this remarkable routine has been meticulously constructed to generate maximum impact.

Wooden Cup Ball Routnes

The Cups and Balls is probably the oldest magic effect that we have come to know. A drawing of conjurers performing this classic is found inside the pyramids, which proves that it was performed thousands of years ago.

Stickman 3D by Patricio Teran

A beautiful effect with multiple applications. The system allows you to make an appearance with the selected card or a romantic proposal, the story you want.

Cesaral Mental Frisbee by Pitata

We finally made it. The Cesaral Mental Frisbee is now ready! We believe that it is truly innovative and shining work. We have spent countless efforts to build and refine it, and finally simplified and now present it to you in the form of an Ordinary-Looking frisbee. Hope you will enjoy it.

EDCeipt by Craig Petty

"Craig has been making waves in the community recently for very good reasons. He is creating masterpiece after masterpiece. EDCeipt is no different; it's incredible!" - Peter Turner

Super Wand by HZ Wang, Bond Lee & MS Magic

Created by HZ Wang A super wand allowing you to create multiple routines. Transposition, shapeshift and levitation, all these miracles fit into one magical wand. The perfect magic tool for stage magic performance. Come and experience the Super Wand!