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Pr3miere by David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis

"A brilliant mixture of methods, revelations and a beautiful kicker ending. I would do this in any of my shows in a heartbeat." - Marc Spelmann (X) "I have never been so fooled. This is an incredibly practical routine that is so easy to do and really clever. I always knew

Galaxy Glass by Sorcier Magic

A goblet glass is shown to the audience. It contains colored liquid. All you need to do is touch it with a scarf to transform the liquid inside into another color. It uses no chemicals or other compounds,

The Immortal Sowing Beans by Bacon Magic

The magic of clay balls spread from the Song Dynasty to the present, after thousands of years of polishing by many craftsmen, it has become today's classic Chinese trick - The Immortal Sowing Beans.

Double Devil by Lee Alex

LEE ALEX PRESENTS... "DOUBLE DEVIL" - NOT ONE BUT TWO POCKETS! NEUTRAL HEXAGONAL DESIGN IN GRAYSCALE Following feedback from customers who enjoyed the feature of TWO pockets in our

Visa Versa by Michel Huot

The invisible deck is one of the strongest card tricks ever created. There is just one weakness: people are not emotionally attached to cards. But, people are attached to countries they want to visit or that they visited before (example: imagine how people are attached to the country they went for their honeymoon)

Static by Patricio Teran

By rubbing your hands a little and creating enough friction, the ring on the can jumps incredibly, this system is truly original. -very easy to do -ideal for social networks download now!