Sequence by Rich Relish and The 1914

Rich Relish is back with a brand new, baffling wallet mentalism masterpiece.

With just three simple, examinable cards in your wallet, you will be able to demonstrate a myriad of mentalism skills in a structured, three-phase routine that will work in any language.

This is the ideal opener for the walk-around mentalist. Nothing needs to be written down, there are no special moves to learn and it requires no equivoque or double-speak. It’s simple to understand and the method is easy to grasp.

Phase One – Superpower Memory

Three cards totalling 60 sequences of ESP symbols are given to your participant. They choose a card, and choose a sequence. Each sequence has its own “target” symbol, which you will attempt to reveal.

The participant reads aloud the sequence in order, and without any peeks or fishing, you are able to correctly “remember” what the target symbol is. Impressive, but explainable. So you up the ante.

Phase Two – Psychological Decoding

The process is repeated with a different sequence from their chosen card. But this time, the participant recites the sequence in ANY order. At lightning speed, you appear to mentally decode the jumbled sequence to once again correctly divulge the target symbol.

Phase Three – Mind Reading

For the third and final test, your participant can select ANY sequence from ANY row, on ANY side of ANY card, and they can read the sequence aloud in ANY order.

It would be impossible to remember or decode this much data. But once again, you are able to inexplicably reveal the target symbol the participant is thinking of!

In the eyes of your audience, there is no trace of a method because there are no patterns to spot and the sequences will be different every time. For the table hoppers, this means you can repeat the routine in earshot of your previous tables without tipping the secret; it will simply cement the fact that your skills are as real as you claim them to be.

Despite appearances, Sequence involves no memory work; if you can hear the sequence, you will hit the target.

Sequence is a baffling stand-alone demonstration, or the perfect segue into further ESP effects. In the bonus section, Rich will even teach you his unmissable, closely-guarded ESP card routine. It’s the perfect follow on from Sequence, allowing you to create an entire, superb, close-up ESP act!Add Sequence to your repertoire today.

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