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Autograph Hound by Rian Lehman

The most nostalgic and family friendly prediction you will add to your act. This is a theme park autograph book filled with random signatures, all sourced and hand signed with the official character signatures.

No B.S. (No Billet Switching) by Joe Diamond

No B.S. (No Billet Switching) For the last 15 years, I’ve kept this impromptu secret to myself. With just a stack of borrowed business cards and a pen, you can do everything most billet switching routines involve without all t

The Vault – Moving X by Ding Ding

Draw an x on the back of your playing card and watch it animate and then disappear! This is a fun make at home gimmick that might be the perfect lead in to your double cross routine.

The Real Deal by Landon Swank

NEVER BE THE MARK!!! Over 300 billion dollars is gambled away every year, and not all of it is lost by chance… Card Sharping has been around for as long as the deck itself. The best way to protect yourself against a Sharp is to know their secrets,

Defaced by Martin Braessas

The deck changes from blue to red, and then the ink on the faces of the cards vanishes without a trace. This multi-phase routine is a wild ride your audience will never see coming. This is Defaced by Martin Braessas.