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People Power by Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin shares one of his most cherished routines!" People Power" is an engaging, show-tested parlor and stage routine that epitomizes the idea of pack flat, play huge. Upon first glance, you'd never believe that the singular slim folder you receive can be used for a

Roger Hideo e Ismael de Araújo – Baralho Super Pró Vol 1

Esta é uma seleção de efeitos de cartomagia, com baralho convencional, para você que já é iniciado na arte de fazer mágica com cartas e quer ir além. Roger Hideo e Ismael de Araújo destrincham cada detalhe dos 10 efeitos apresentados numa atmosfera bem-humorada e descontraída.

The End Book Test by Angelo Carbone

Experience the Revolution in Mind Reading with The End Book Test Prepare to elevate your performances to new heights with The End - a remarkable book test that simplifies the art of mind reading, allowing you to effortlessly reveal your spectators' innermost thoughts. Angelo has ingenuously transformed a known principle to create the most fooling and astonishing experience.