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Purse by Vernet Magic

"Purse" is a specially manufactured purse. It's handmade from genuine leather by expert craftsmen. "Purse" has a hidden feature that lets you perform three hard-hitting professional routines. Perfect for close-up and strolling magic:

Cardvertisment by Michel Huot, Luca Volpe & Alan Wong

From the creator of Socks, Priceless and Nostalgia comes a very solid 5-10-minute routine for stage or parlor. Here is what happens: Nowadays, begins the mentalist, advertisement is everywhere. Does it still work? Or not? Are we still being influenced by it or not really?

Monu by Alexis De La Fuente

I have always loved the ESP Jazz trick, but something has always bothered me: the ESP cards. They never made sense in my mind, and the audience doesn't know what they are. So I thought of a modern and playful way to transform this effect!